The Flor Ayuda Foundation supports and advises the local organization ‘AGDI’ in its efforts for integrated development in the deprived neighborhoods of El Milagro, Sacoj Grande and Sacoj Chiquito of the Mixco municipality, which borders Guatemala City. The projects focus on education and health care. The people who receive help are encouraged to work on further improvement themselves.


Please find below an overview of our current projects.

Medical fund ‘El Alivio’

Medical care is unaffordable or unreachable for people living below the poverty line. Especially for people from the remote areas, medical care is usually too late. Or people have no means of transportation to get to a doctor or a hospital. ‘El Alivio’ aims to help those in need.

Scholarships ‘Learning is Living’

The very poor population of Guatemala is mostly illiterate and is forced to work for very low wages, in a job without a future. Because many parents cannot afford the school fees for their children, they start working at a very early age.

Technical school

A Technical School was built in 2009. The Flor Ayuda Foundation will support the school in the coming years with its management and its maintenance.

Children of the Street

We cannot change drugs criminality. We can, however, prevent children from falling in the hands of drug gangs by keeping them off the streets. With the project ‘Children of the Street’ we actively get vulnerable children off the street.

Courses for Women ‘Mujeres Fuertes’

Strengthening the position of women as the heart of the community is of the utmost importance. Therefore we now search for new funds for the ‘Courses for Women’. Locally they are called ‘Mujeres Fuertes’, meaning Powerful Women.

Dr. Theo Bloem school

The idea for the construction of a primary school started in 2002. The Flor Ayuda Foundation is still working hard, collecting funds for the management and maintenance of the school, in order to help more children in need.