Children of(f) the Street

In 2013 near the Dr. Theo Bloem School, a child was found. The child was murdered by a drug gang. This lead to the change of a long existing wish to a project-proposition.

We cannot change drugs criminality. We can, however, prevent children from falling in the hands of drug gangs by keeping them off the streets. With the project ‘Children of the Street’ we actively get vulnerable children off the street, and keep them off the street with weekend activities and extra study guidance.


Children in Guatemala are very vulnerable, because there is great poverty, state schooling is of very poor quality and there are no social services. Especially at the age of about 10 to 18 years, children need possibilities and support to develop themselves.

In Guatemala these possibilities are usually not available which leads to many children spending their time on the streets. There they are lured into the influence of gangs and often end up in (drugs related) crime. Or they find themselves in social problems, among which unwanted pregnancies.

With the project Children of the Street, a group of approximately 200 children is offered a wide range of activities like extra tuition (English, math, etc) at the  Dr. Theo Bloem School, or vocational subjects at the Technical school. These activities take place in the evenings and during weekends.

Other activities are study guidance, psychological guidance, family advice, job orientation, social skills training. Weekend activities are sports games and hikes. All these activities are accompanied by trained volunteers. Parents and other family members are, of course, also included. This gives these children a much better chance for a better future.

With the activities the facilities in the schools and the sport field are used to the maximum for the children and the local community. They all benefit!


The Dr. Theo Bloem School has founded a project for 90 children in the age of 10 to 15 years.
Part of them is already in school but have the tendency to drop out, part of them are still out on the streets. In the project Children of the Street, we undertake the following:

  • Children in youth gangs are actively approached to come to school.
  • The teachers are trained specifically for this extra social task.
  • There is an active committee of volunteers. Mothers of children with success accompany broken families under the guidance of a professional. Many parents are illiterate so they don’t know about education and the need to do your homework. By involving them with the schooling and teaching them the need for planning, they get interested.
  • A social worker and an educator accompany these youths.
  • Providing them with study guidance to keep them off the streets.
  • During weekends activities are organized such as technical skills training and sporting tournaments. The technical school also cooperates in this.
Weekend activity: Hike to the volcano. Above the clouds for the first time.
Day-care for the poorest children from around the school.




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