Dr. Theo Bloem school

In 2002 Theo Bloem and Josée van Herel visited Vitalino Cuca, contact for AGDI in Guatemala. They noticed that so many children in Sacoj Chiquito were just ‘hanging around’ in the streets. Education is compulsory in Guatemala, but if there is no school, then that’s it. But the idea for founding a school for primary education was born.

In May 2005 the first phase of building the Dr. Theo Bloem School was finished. In 2007 there was the second phase and the capacity grew to 500 pupils. Apart from primary education there is also secondary education. Then followed the expansion of the school and the enhancement of the educational quality. Still today many hundreds of pupils are taught by well trained teachers. Also in the weekends youths and adults are taught.


A new educational system was introduced in the Dr. Theo Bloem School, working with groups of 30 pupils (in the state schools there are 60 to 70 in a group….). Pupils are stimulated to work independently. Parents are drawn into the scholing. Most parents are illiterate, so they come to school regularly to talk about the progress of their children.

Starting point for all developments concerning the Dr. Theo Bloem School is the integration of the different projects, so we have the synergy benefits. The pupils, their families and the teachers can all make use of the different facilities of the technical school, such as the library and the swimming pool.

Children, parents and teachers can use a mutual insurance in the case of accidents. Treatment takes place in the Clinica El Milagro.

The Flor Ayuda Foundation is still working hard, collecting funds for the management and maintenance of the school.

Front view of the Dr. Theo Bloem School in Guatemala.
Music class for the little ones at the Dr. Theo Bloem School.