Because real improvement can only come forth from the people themselves, the Flor Ayuda Foundation stimulates the self-motivation and social involvement with the projects. The focus point for the current projects lies upon education, because there is no future without education.

Focus points
To help the people see a better way forward after decades of suppression, we think education is key. Seven schools were built since 2001. We support the Dr. Theo Bloemschool and the Technical School. And there is a scholarship program for the pupils of the primary, secondary and vocational schools. Through these programs, we secured that about 700 children have a solid education.

Little expenses
Of the donations, the Flor Ayuda Foundation receives, about 2% is spent on expenses. This percentage is so low because the board and all the volunteers do their work, while waiving their expenses. Almost all of your contribution goes to the projects in Guatemala.

Board and Committee contribute
None of the members of the board receive a salary for their work. They receive a compensation, which they immediately deposit back into the bank account of the Flor Ayuda Foundation.

The members of the Board and of the Fundraising Committee not only give their time to the good cause. Many of them also contribute with generous donations every year!

Every Guatemalan has a right to a life worthy of a human being.

For many counts: however badly they strive for it, they cannot do it on their own. Together with you, we can help!


Our first job was, of course, raising money to accomplish projects. We have a dedicated partner we work with in Guatemala. This way we make sure that the projects there are set out and realized. The Flor Ayuda Foundation can use all the support it can get to realize these projects. With the support and contributions of private persons, companies, schools, hospitals, churches, and clubs we have been able to help many poor people in Guatemala.

Fundraising Committee
The Flor Ayuda Foundation has a Fundraising Committee consisting of people who feel connected to Guatemala and the Maya population. The Fundraising Committee raises money by ways of activities, giving lectures and advising on the planning of these activities.

The Flor Ayuda Foundation works closely together with AGDI (Asociaión Gualtemalteca de Desarrollo Integral) in Guatemala; a citizen’s initiative that started in 1969. They stand for the improvement in the areas of healthcare and education. AGDI formulates the projects, in close cooperation with the Flor Ayuda Foundation, based on the needs and writes the request for support. After approval the funds are raised and sent to AGDI. AGDI realizes the projects and reports on it to the Flor Ayuda Foundation. Members of the Board visit Guatemala periodically to visit and inspect the projects on the spot.


AGDI has a board with a driving force and director: Vitalino Cuca. Sometimes Vitalino Cuca comes to the Netherlands to consult with the donators and the fundraising. He writes about the dreams, the courage and the perseverance of AGDI: To dream…..and what became reality!

“It started in El Milagro, one of the first slums that arose along the edges of the ravines near the capital Guatemala. (Also called the misery belts) As worried neighbors we came together to discuss what we could do about these inhumane living conditions. Our first success was the arrival of a volunteer medical doctor for 2 x 2 hours per week. Thanks to the help from abroad we now have a small clinic with basic healthcare for fees the people can afford. We have also realized doctor’s posts in the rural country.”

Clean drinking water
“In 1975 AGDI started clean drinking water projects. There were no public amenities, no drinking water either. After many years of searching and pleading there is now financial support from Switzerland, Austria and the Netherlands. We now have clean drinking water in El Milagro, Lo de Bran, Chacal en Sacoj. Corporations oversee these amenities.”

And… Education
“An important cause of the backlog is the lack of education. Since 1998 seven schools were built with the help of, among others, The Flor Ayuda Foundation. A small classroom in our backyard eventually lead to the primary school, the ‘Escuela Dr. Bloem’, with more than 750 pupils on a yearly basis. Half of the pupils are girls, also in the vocational education. Apart from this we have courses for women. Everybody gets the chance to gather knowledge, develop as a human being and get a vocational certificate. This way they can look after themselves and their families.”