Medical fund 'El Alivio'

In the Colonia El Milagro a small hospital for the poor functions since 1994 – The Clinic ‘El Milagro’. By now the clinic is fully independent. Situations arise however that an operation or other treatment is necessary but the patients do not have the proper funds.

Medical care is unaffordable or unreachable for people living below the poverty line. Especially for people from the remote areas, medical care is usually too late. Or people have no means of transportation to get to a doctor or a hospital. This way small ailments can lead to fatal illnesses.

With the medical fund ‘El Alivio’ The Flor Ayuda Foundation intends to enlighten this heartbreaking problem. In the case of a serious situation people can call upon this fund. For example for undergoing an operation or buying medication.

Financial help

With the medical fund we can support doctor’s visits, the purchase of medication, required tests / operations or hospitalization.


About 35 times a year, people cannot afford the cost of an operation or treatment. Only when money is available, operations can be performed on these people. Replenishment of the medication in store is also needed.

The medical fund ‘El Alivio’ can help 35 patients per year. The total cost of an operation and or treatment is about 6.000 Quetzal (about € 700 or $ 850). Patients contribute whatever they can. It is estimated that they can usually afford about half of the total cost.

Also the walking patients of the ‘El Milagro’ clinic benefit from the expansion of the medication supply. An additional consequence of the intensified activity is that it leads to a positive cashflow to the clinic. This means that the different tests and treatments that are paid for by the patients, make even more money for the clinic.




Donate to 'El Alivio'

Explanation of continuous donation: with this warranty you authorize The Flor Ayuda Foundation to continuously deduct the chosen amount from your bank account. You can withdraw this warranty at any time by sending a mail to In the warranty you choose the amount you wish to donate. Dependent on the chosen interval the chosen amount is deducted automatically in the following period.
Example: you choose for a yearly donation on May 15th. The donation is deducted immediately. In the following year the amount is deducted on the same day automatically.