Technical school

In 2005, in the municipality of Mixco, a school for primary and secondary education was started with the help of the Flor Ayuda Foundation. De pupils of this school come from poor families. In the region there was no possibility to attend vocational training subsequently, even though there is an enormous lack of crafts men and women. With a professional diploma these boys and girls can earn a living for themselves and their families.

Therefore the Flor Ayuda Foundation has collected funds to make the building and the maintenance for the first two years possible of a technical school. Many big parties in the Netherlands have given large contributions for this. The land in Sacoj was purchased in 2008 and the building started. In 2009 the school was finished and the first practical class rooms were furnished. There are classes in car mechanics, computer technics and professional cooking.

Description of the project

There are about 1600 pupils yearly, evenly divided between girls and boys. School fees are paid according to ability by the parents and the pupils themselves, who sometimes work besides their schooling. The school needs extra money every year for the exploitation, additions to the inventory and practice materials.

The Flor Ayuda Foundation will continue supporting the school. The school management develops commercial activities, looks for support with the hiring companies and makes a great effort to get a yearly subsidy from the Mixco municipality. They want to be independent from foreign help as soon as possible. We are looking into the possibility to set up student grants, where the pupils can pay these loans back later.

Short movie of the Technical School